Power Buddies – How to leverage their Power!

Submitted by: Venki Krishnamurthy <[email protected]>
Chapter: BNI Inspire, Bangalore, India
Website: www.joojiss.com

67% of the Referrals come from the Power Teams (if you are in the right Power Team). We have only Contact Sphere (if you have only Contact Spheres & not Power Teams as yet)) as we still feel we need to mature to become Power Buddies & Power Buddies make Power Teams

We always recommend people to build Power Teams rather than the Chapter. Choose your visitors who could potentially join your Power team. As a member said last week they worked consciously to build the Mfg Power Team by getting their vendors or potential visitors (vendors) whom they are doing business with.

It is the Power Teams that powers your business!

It is key to have diversity in your Power teams. Never develop a Homogeneous team – build a Diverse Team. It is like having 4 comedians in one film – it would always be interesting when you have 1 hero/1 heroine, 1 villain, 1 comedian. That’s also the reason why BNI specifies only ONE category in the each of the Chapter.

For all you know you might see another member who is part of the other Contact Sphere who seems to be a great Power buddy…but do you think it is a two process…not just 1 way. Power Buddies / Power Team work two ways, never a ONE way channel. It is not a communication; it is a discussion that happens in a Power Team. It is not a Broadcast, it is a Chat!

Power Teams work as a Team, not as individuals. Why that is why we call it a Team & not a Business owner. How many times have your customers asked you as to how big is your team? When we are alone we feel SMALL….when we are a big team we feel we are standing TALLLLL….

Decide if you want to Stand Tall….be part of the Power Team & be a Power Buddy.

Thanks for your contribution, Venki. Richie.

Acting on referrals quickly

Submitted by: Sanjay Ranganathan
Chapter: Crown, Chennai, India
Website: www.bricspl.com

When some one gives a referral, many a times, it is attended to after couple of days, sometimes even after a few weeks. I heard a fellow BNI member state that when he gets a referral, he stops everything he is doing, and attends to that referral, if not he will be letting his friend down. That urgency, importance should be shown to the referral. Sadly, this is lacking in many individuals. As a result, the referrer stops giving referrals. There should be negative points in traffic lights, if referrals are not attended to promptly.

Thanks for your contribution, Sanjay. Richie.