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After 12 months as Chapter Director (or President as it’s now called) I’m back in the education role so there will be a little more activity on this site than there has been over the last year with new ideas, handouts and scripts. I’ve had hundreds of sign ups for new script notifications, which is great, so the subscriber base will hopefully grow some more.

So, this is a shout out to all BNI Education Coordinators as well.

The reason I set this site up in the first place was to try and help other education coordinators with their four minute slots as there seemed very little in a centralised place anywhere on the internet to help members who were new to the role. What I’d like is if you, as the education coordinator of your Chapter, would consider submitting your ideas to this site and share scripts, good practice and things that have been a success. Submission is easy using this form and I’ll give you a credit if your contribution is published (unless you’d rather be anonymous). More information is available on the Make a Contribution page…


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Givers Gain and let’s share our expertise…

Thanks everyone, Rich.
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