Referral opportunity flowchart

Submitted by: Paul Cavallo <[email protected]>
Chapter: Elite Business, North Mead, Sydney, Australia

Each member can create a opportunity flow chart within their business to help them in realising how day to day scenarios within their life or work can be pre-prepared and planned for in order to realise better referral opportunity.

BNI Opportunity Flowchart (PDF)

Thank you for your contribution, Paul – Richie.

Acting on referrals quickly

Submitted by: Sanjay Ranganathan
Chapter: Crown, Chennai, India

When some one gives a referral, many a times, it is attended to after couple of days, sometimes even after a few weeks. I heard a fellow BNI member state that when he gets a referral, he stops everything he is doing, and attends to that referral, if not he will be letting his friend down. That urgency, importance should be shown to the referral. Sadly, this is lacking in many individuals. As a result, the referrer stops giving referrals. There should be negative points in traffic lights, if referrals are not attended to promptly.

Thanks for your contribution, Sanjay. Richie.

Leads vs. Referrals

We’ve all had dodgy referrals which turn out to be, at best, leads, or in the worst case scenario, you end up on the phone to someone and neither of you have any idea why you’re talking to each other.  A referral has more chance in resulting in a ‘thank you for the business’. When writing a referral consider if a TYFTB is likely. If it isn’t, it’s most likely a lead.

Leads vs. Referrals (PDF)

Leads vs. Referrals (MS Publisher)

Filling in referral slips properly

The structured nature of BNI is what has made it more successful than other similar networking organisations, and a major part of that is the formula we use for filling out referral slips.

Each item on the referral slip is there for a reason. Use them. If you don’t have the information to fill in each of those sections, then the referral is not as good as it could be and possibly, at worst, nothing more than a lead.

Filling in Referral Slips (PDF)

Filling in Referral Slips (MS Publisher)

Update your BNI profile

Remember to take some time to update ALL of your information in BNI Connect! Just click on the UPDATE PROFILE\MY BNI PAGE and go through the tabs to fill out as much information as you can.  BNI members from all over the world will be connecting through this portal and the more complete your profile is, the better your Visibility, Credibility and PROFITABILITY will be!

Ivan Misner’s video explains the power of having a fully updated BNI Profile.

Updating Your BNI Profile (PDF)

Updating Your BNI Profile (MS Publisher)