Leads vs. Referrals

We’ve all had dodgy referrals which turn out to be, at best, leads, or in the worst case scenario, you end up on the phone to someone and neither of you have any idea why you’re talking to each other.  A referral has more chance in resulting in a ‘thank you for the business’. When writing a referral consider if a TYFTB is likely. If it isn’t, it’s most likely a lead.

Leads vs. Referrals (PDF)

Leads vs. Referrals (MS Publisher)

Filling in referral slips properly

The structured nature of BNI is what has made it more successful than other similar networking organisations, and a major part of that is the formula we use for filling out referral slips.

Each item on the referral slip is there for a reason. Use them. If you don’t have the information to fill in each of those sections, then the referral is not as good as it could be and possibly, at worst, nothing more than a lead.

Filling in Referral Slips (PDF)

Filling in Referral Slips (MS Publisher)